What does Shark mean in fantasy sports?

A ‘Shark’ is someone who knows their way around fantasy sports games really well

A shark is a term often used to describe a seasoned DFS player who capitalizes on the inexperience of fish. This slang is drawn from the world of billiards where a ‘pool shark’ means a player who is exceptionally skilled and dominates the weaker competition.

The comparison to an actual shark in the ocean is to illustrate the unfair edge they have over fish. Similarly, in DFS, sharks are the players who have an unfair advantage over the novice players due to their experience and knowledge of the game.

These players, termed as sharks, generally have a better understanding of player performance and the cost of each player to craft their teams effectively. This allows them to compete more successfully in the DFS format.

Example for using ‘Shark’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see that guy’s lineup in our fantasy football league?

Yeah, he’s a total shark! His team is stacked with all the best players.

No wonder he’s always at the top of the leaderboard. He really knows what he’s doing.

Definitely! It’s hard to compete against someone with so much experience.