What does Ship mean?

‘Ship’ stands for ‘Relationship’

‘Ship’ is a short form of the word relationship and is often used by teens in their texts. This term is not limited to text messages but can be used in any form of written communication.

Although ‘Ship’ can be used to describe any type of relationship, it’s most commonly used to talk about romantic relationships. You’ll often hear it used when discussing high school romances.

Not only is ‘Ship’ a noun, but it’s also a verb! You might hear it used as ‘shipping’ when someone hopes or wants two people to get together and start a romantic relationship.

So, next time you see ‘Ship’ or ‘Shipping’ in a text or social media post, you’ll know that it’s all about relationships.

Example for using ‘Ship’ in a conversation

OMG, have you seen the new guy in school? 😍

Yes!! He’s so cute! I ship you two already. πŸ’‘

Haha, really? I barely know him! But yeah, he’s definitely cute. 😊

Trust me, you guys would be perfect together! I ship it! ❀️