What does Shipping mean?

Wanting two people to start a relationship is called ‘Shipping’

Shipping is a term used when someone wants two people to end up in a romantic relationship. This can apply to real-life people, characters from TV shows, movies, books, or comics. It’s like playing matchmaker for your favorite people or characters.

Shipping isn’t just limited to the world of entertainment. It can be a fun activity for people like mothers who love to meddle in their children’s love lives or couples who enjoy pairing up their single friends. It’s all about the excitement of seeing two people you think would make a great couple together.

Among fans of pop culture, shipping is a widespread practice. Die-hard fans, known as fanboys and fangirls, often ship their favorite characters. It’s their way of showing support and encouragement for a potential Hook Up (HU) they’d like to see in the storyline.

Example for using ‘Shipping’ in a conversation

OMG, did you see the latest episode of our favorite show? 😍

Yes, I did! I can’t believe they finally met. I’m totally shipping them! πŸ’‘

Right? They have so much chemistry together. I really hope they become a couple. 🀞

Me too! They would be perfect for each other. Let’s keep shipping them and see what happens. 🚒