What does SHMILY stand for?

See how much I love you?

“SHMILY” is a slang term used in text messages and online chats to show someone how much you love them. It can be used both in a serious or sarcastic way.

When SHMILY is used seriously, it’s usually accompanied by a statement about something nice a person has done for the other. For example, a guy could text his girlfriend and say “I filled up your car with gas and picked up your favorite snacks. SHMILY.”

On the other hand, SHMILY can be used sarcastically as well. This is usually accompanied by a statement that’s meant to be a joke about the person’s love for the other. For instance, a husband might message his wife, “I actually put the toilet seat down after using it, SHMILY? ;-)”

Example for using ‘SHMILY’ in a conversation

Hey, did you pick up the groceries?

Yeah, I got everything on the list. SHMILY?

You’re the best! Thanks for doing that. SHMILY!

No problem, anything for you. SHMILY too!