What does Side-eye mean?

A look of disapproval given sideways

Imagine that look your mom gives you when you’re caught doing something you’re not supposed to. That’s what we call Side-eye. It’s a sideways glance that speaks volumes, often expressing disapproval or skepticism.

This expression is something many moms have mastered. With just a simple look, they can convey their disappointment. They don’t need to say a single word. Their Side-eye does all the talking.

It’s not just mothers, though. We all use Side-eye at times. It’s a non-verbal way of showing our annoyance or disapproval. And yes, sometimes that one look can feel as deadly as a dagger.

So, next time you see someone giving you a sidelong glance, you’ll know what it means. They’re giving you the Side-eye.

Example for using ‘Side-eye’ in a conversation

Did you see what Jessica was wearing to the party last night? 😳

Yeah, she had on this really bright neon outfit. 😬

I couldn’t help but side-eye her. It was so out of place. πŸ˜’

I know, right? I mean, who wears that to a formal event? πŸ™„