What does Sis mean?


Sis is a fun, shortened version of the word sister. This isn’t limited to family ties, as it can also be used to refer to a close friend, similar to how guys use the term ‘bro’. It’s a term of endearment that shows a close, sister-like bond.

The use of ‘sis’ doesn’t require the person to be a biological sister. It has a broader use, including best friends who share a deep bond. Just like guys may call each other ‘bro’ even when they are not brothers, girls can use ‘sis’ in the same way.

So, next time when you hear someone referring to their friend as ‘sis’, you know it’s a term of close friendship, not necessarily a family relationship. It’s a casual and affectionate way to refer to someone you share a strong bond with.

Example for using ‘Sis’ in a conversation

Hey sis, have you seen my phone?

No worries sis, I’ve got it right here! πŸ“±

Thanks, sis! You’re the best! 😘

Anytime, sis! Happy to help! πŸ’•