What does Situationship mean?

A situationship means you’re more than friends, but not quite in a romantic relationship.

Imagine being in a bond that’s more than a friendship, but not quite a full-blown romance. That’s what a situationship is. It’s a sort of grey zone in relationships that doesn’t fit into any standard categories.

Picture this: you’re transitioning from being just friends or casual acquaintances to something more serious. This journey can often be awkward and confusing. The phase where you’re more than friends but not officially a couple is what we call a situationship.

A situationship usually precedes a ‘DTR’ or ‘Define The Relationship’ meeting. This is when both parties sit down and decide what their relationship is and where it’s going. So, if you find yourself in a situationship, know that you’re not alone and it’s a common part of modern dating life.

Example for using ‘Situationship’ in a conversation

Hey, how’s everything going with you and Sarah?

Well, it’s complicated. We’re in this situationship right now.

Situationship? What does that mean?

It’s like we’re more than friends, but we haven’t made it official as a couple yet.