What does Siv mean in sports?

Poor performing goalie is ‘Siv’

A ‘Siv’ is a slang used to describe a player who is easy to score on. This term is often used in sports, particularly in hockey or soccer. It is most commonly associated with a goalie who allows a lot of shots to pass through.

This term has found widespread use in sports commentary and casual sports conversation. When a goalie is referred to as a ‘Siv’, it indicates a low performance in blocking incoming shots and high likelihood of the opponent scoring.

Remember, not all players can be a ‘Siv’. This term is specially reserved for those who consistently let goals in, making it easier for the opposing team to score. It’s a term that’s mostly heard in the sporting world, especially in discussions about soccer or hockey.

So, next time you’re watching a hockey or soccer game and the goalie lets in an easy goal, you’ll know what to say. They’re being a ‘Siv’.

Example for using ‘Siv’ in a conversation

Hey, did you watch the hockey game yesterday?

Yeah, I did! That goalie was such a 🥅Siv🥅!

I know, right? Every shot seemed to go right past him!

Totally! I can’t believe they still have him as their goalie.