What does Sk8r mean?

Sk8r means Skater

When you hear the term Sk8r, it’s all about someone who skates. Most of the time, it’s used to talk about a skateboarder. But sometimes, it can also mean someone who rollerblades or roller skates, though that’s not as common.

There’s a whole culture around Sk8r, and it’s given us a lot of slang. Of course, the term Sk8r is part of that slang. But there’s also a bunch of other slang words that come from Sk8r culture.

Some of these Sk8r slang words include sick, savage, azm, ltr, and wicked. So, if you’re talking to a Sk8r, don’t be surprised if you hear a few of these words!

Example for using ‘Sk8r’ in a conversation

Hey! I just saw the sickest skater at the park today! πŸ€™

No way! Tell me more! 🀩

Yeah, this sk8r was doing some crazy tricks on his skateboard. It was insane! πŸ›Ή

That’s awesome! I wish I could skate like that. Sk8rs have serious skills. πŸ™Œ