What does Skeezy mean?

Skeezy equals to Distasteful

If something or someone gives off a strange or uncomfortable vibe, they’re considered to be skeezy. Imagine a restaurant you’ve walked into that’s grimy and filled with questionable characters. That’s a skeezy place.

Similarly, picture a guy who has an unkempt look, with greasy hair and a creepy smile. He’s what you’d call a skeezy guy. But remember, appearances can be deceiving, so it’s not always right to judge. However, trust your gut if something feels off. A skeezy situation often warrants caution.

On the internet, a person who sends you unsolicited, inappropriate messages can be dubbed as skeezy. It’s best to block such individuals. Likewise, if you’re attending a music gig and the place is shabby or poorly maintained, that’s a skeezy venue. Be sure to stay on guard against any weirdos lurking around.

Example for using ‘Skeezy’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see that new restaurant downtown?

Yeah, I did. It looked pretty skeezy to me. I don’t think I’ll be eating there.

Good call. Trust your gut when something looks off.

Definitely. I’d rather be safe than sorry.