What does Skinhead mean?

Head that is bald or has very short hair

A Skinhead refers to a person who shaves all of their hair off their head or trims it very close to the scalp. The term comes from the visible skin on the head due to the close shave.

You might come across this term on the internet or hear it in everyday conversations. An instance could be when someone shaves their head in support of a friend undergoing chemotherapy. They might post a picture on social media with a caption like, “Skinhead for my buddy, Jake!”

The term Skinhead is not just about a hairstyle. It’s also linked to various groups of people. Neo-nazis, for instance, are known to shave their heads as a sign of identification. Moreover, a group of working-class youths in the UK during the 1970s were popularly known as skinheads due to their shaved heads.

Example for using ‘Skinhead’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see Mark’s new haircut? 😮

Yeah, he went full skinhead! Looks cool, though. 👨‍🦲

I know, right? He said he did it to support Brian. 💪

That’s really nice of him. Brian will appreciate it. 🙌