What does Skint mean?

No Money

If you’re talking to someone from the United Kingdom and they mention they’re ‘Skint’, don’t worry, they’re not talking about their skin. They’re actually telling you they’re broke or they don’t have any money.

‘Skint’ comes from the older slang term ‘skinned’, which also has the same meaning – having no money. ‘Skinned’ dates back to the 1700s and was used to describe someone who had lost all their money and possessions, often through gambling or theft.

Over time, the pronunciation of ‘skinned’ started to change. In some accents, when said quickly, ‘skinned’ sounds more like ‘skint’. And because ‘skint’ is quicker to write and say, it became more popular and eventually took over ‘skinned’. So now, if someone in the UK says they’re ‘skint’, they’re just telling you they’re broke.

Example for using ‘Skint’ in a conversation

Hey! Are you up for going out tonight?

I wish I could, but I’m skint at the moment. Can we plan for another time?

No worries! I totally understand. Let’s plan something when you’re not skint anymore.

Thanks! I’ll definitely let you know when I’m not broke anymore. Have fun tonight!