What does Skol mean?

Skol stands for ‘Good health’

Skol is a term used in Scandinavia, similar to the English word ‘cheers.’ It’s a way of saying “good health” when toasting or saluting someone. Many folks from Norway, Sweden, and Denmark use this term, but its spelling varies. In these countries, it is written as “sk√•l,” while in Iceland, it’s “sk√°l”.

There’s an interesting legend attached to the word ‘skol’. Some people believe that the Vikings used this term in the middle ages. According to Norse mythology, ‘skol’ is derived from ‘skoll,’ a human skull. The victorious Vikings supposedly drank from the skulls of their defeated enemies as a sign of respect, calling out ‘skol’ as they did so. However, this claim has been dismissed by historians.

The term ‘skol’ isn’t just limited to toasts and ancient legends. It’s also a popular chant among fans of the Minnesota Vikings NFL team. The team even uses it in their fight song, “Skol, Vikings.” Fans of the team commonly use the term as a salute on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, as well as in person.

Example for using ‘Skol’ in a conversation

Hey! Just got my hands on some new craft beers. Wanna come over and try them out?

Absolutely! Skol! 🍻

Awesome! See you in 10 minutes.

Can’t wait! Skol! 🍻