Sleeping On

What does Sleeping On mean?

Not giving enough credit

When you don’t fully recognize or appreciate someone’s worth or potential, we say you are “sleeping on” them. This slang term is derived from the metaphorical notion that you’re so indifferent to someone or something that you could be literally sleeping.

This phrase is often used to express disappointment when someone or something doesn’t receive the proper recognition or attention they deserve. For instance, an employer might dismiss a potential hire based on their looks, or a boy might be ignored by a girl because she thinks he’s too kind.

Additionally, “sleeping on” is a popular phrase in the world of sports and competition. It’s used when a team or player underestimates an opponent who might not appear strong or formidable. This idea aligns with the classic “underdog” narrative, similar to the biblical story of David and Goliath.

Example for using ‘Sleeping On’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see the new artist that just dropped a song?

No, I haven’t. Why? Is it any good?

Oh man, you’re sleeping on them! Their music is amazing!