What does Slideware mean?

Software that gets announced but never actually comes out

When you hear the term ‘Slideware’, it usually refers to software that gets announced through a presentation (often a slideshow) but never actually gets launched. This term is often thrown around by people in the tech industry, mainly when they talk about apps that are announced but never see the light of day. In essence, they exist only in promotional materials. This is quite similar to the term ‘vaporware’, but with a more specific context.

Often, ambitious software companies might announce new apps without fully understanding the time, effort, and resources required to develop them. They might start promoting an app and even set a release date prematurely. If the app fails to materialize after a significant amount of time, it becomes what is known as slideware. This is not only disappointing for potential users but can also tarnish the company’s reputation.

Interestingly, the term ‘slideware’ is sometimes used to refer to the promotional materials used to announce an app. In this case, the term suggests that these materials are the only functional versions of the app ever created. This can apply to both digital and physical promotional content.

Finally, ‘slideware’ can also refer to presentation software, such as PowerPoint from Microsoft, Keynote from Apple, or Google Slides. So, if someone asks you to use slideware for a presentation, they are likely referring to one of these software tools.

Example for using ‘Slideware’ in a conversation

Hey, have you heard about that new app XYZ?

Yeah, I saw it in a presentation. But I think it’s just slideware.

What do you mean by slideware?

It’s when a company announces software, but it never actually gets released. They just show it off in slides or presentations.