What does SLY stand for?

Still love you

When you see SLY in a message, it’s a short way of saying “still love you” or “still loving you.” This expression can be used to express deep affection, whether romantic or friendly.

This slang is not commonly used, but it’s known by those who are up-to-date with internet lingo. It’s a favorite among teenagers and adults who want to save time and space in their messages, especially on social media platforms.

SLY can be used in different ways. It can be part of a longer sentence or stand alone as a quick, heartfelt response. Whenever you see SLY, remember it’s a special way of reminding someone that they are loved.

Example for using ‘SLY’ in a conversation

Hey, I just wanted to say SLY. 😊

Aww, SLY too! ❀️

I miss you, SLY. 😘

Miss you too, SLY. πŸ₯°