What does SMEM stand for?

Send me an e-mail

SMEM stands for “Send me an e-mail.” Used in online chats and text messaging, it’s a way to tell someone that you prefer to continue the conversation via email. This slang term is often spotted in professional settings where email communication is still the king.

Emails offer certain benefits over texts or instant messages, making SMEM a useful acronym. For example, emails allow attaching images, sending links, and archiving conversations for future reference. So, when someone wants to use these features, they might say SMEM to shift the conversation to email.

However, bear in mind that SMEM is not a widely recognized term. That means if you use it, you might end up spending more time explaining what it means instead of saving time. So, be sure to use it with those who are familiar with this particular piece of internet lingo.

Example for using ‘SMEM’ in a conversation

Hey, do you have the report from yesterday’s meeting?

No, I don’t. SMEM so I can forward it to you.

Sure, I’ll send you an email right away.

Great! I’ll keep an eye out for it.