What does Smishing mean?

SMS phishing

Smishing is a sneaky trick that combines the methods of phishing and SMS. It’s kind of like phishing, but instead of using emails to get your personal information, it uses text messages or SMS.

The word “smishing” itself is a mashup of SMS and phishing. The goal is the same as phishing though – to trick you into giving away your personal details, like your bank account number or password.

Remember, just like phishing emails, smishing texts may seem really convincing. They might pretend to be from your bank, a company you trust, or even a friend. So, always be careful with texts asking for your personal information.

Example for using ‘Smishing’ in a conversation

Hey, have you heard of smishing? 🤔

No, what’s that? 🤔

It’s like phishing but with SMS texts instead of email. Scammers try to steal personal info through text messages. 😬

Oh wow, that’s sneaky! Thanks for letting me know. Gotta be careful with those smishing attempts! 😮