What does SMO stand for?

Shout me out

If you’re hoping for a nod from another user on social media, you might send them ‘SMO’, which stands for ‘shout me out’. Let’s say a popular blogger named Alex messages you asking if they could use your photo for their profile picture, you could reply with something like, “Sure, just remember to SMO.”

SMO is often used by those who are after attention and popularity, known as clout chasers. They might even dream of getting a mention from a celebrity or a well-known user. It’s quite like hoping to win the social media lottery!

On the other hand, there are users who just want their work to be recognized. For instance, if another user is displaying their art or sharing their ideas without mentioning them, they might ask for an SMO – a shout out to tell the world who the real talent is.

Example for using ‘SMO’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see that popular artist’s new post?

Yeah, it’s amazing! I wish they would give you a shoutout for your artwork too.

I know, right? I’ve been trying to get noticed by them for so long.

Why don’t you just ask them to SMO? Maybe they’ll mention you!