What does SMTW stand for?

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

SMTW is a well-recognized acronym in a popular mobile application named “The Hardest Test on the iPhone”. This acronym is specifically used in a quiz question in the game.

The answer to this particular question in the game is “TFS”. The abbreviation ‘TFS’ stands for Thursday, Friday, Saturday.

It’s interesting to note that the slang term SMTW doesn’t have a direct meaning, but it’s a part of the gameplay and is linked to the term ‘TFS’.

Example for using ‘SMTW’ in a conversation

Hey, what are you up to this week? πŸ“…

Not much, just chilling. How about you? 😎

Same here. SMTW, right? πŸ˜…

Haha, yeah! SMTW is always the easiest part of the week. 🌞