What does Snack mean?

Someone good-looking or hot

When you hear someone being referred to as a ‘Snack’, it means they are extremely attractive, to the point where you might want to eat them up, just like a delicious treat. This term became a hot favorite in the late 2010s, frequently used in nightlife settings when spotting someone you’re interested in.

It’s not limited to real-life scenarios though. Online, ‘snack’ is thrown around quite a bit, particularly when someone posts a really enticing picture – a ‘thirst trap’ – on social media.

The term can also be spelled as ‘snacc’, an intentional misspelling meant to add more emphasis. It’s sort of like the difference between ‘thick’ and ‘thicc’. While ‘snack’ is usually a noun, some people use it as an adjective, similar to how you’d use ‘sexy’. For instance, you might hear someone say, “Damn, you lookin’ snacc!”

Example for using ‘Snack’ in a conversation

Hey, have you seen that new guy in our class? He’s such a snack! 😍

Oh yeah, I noticed him too! He’s definitely attractive. πŸ‘€