What does SNAFU stand for?

Situation normal, all fouled up

SNAFU is a slang term originating from World War II military language. It’s often used as a noun, as in the phrase, “Oh no, Jane made another SNAFU.”

The term’s usage has remained popular even after the war. It’s a way of describing a messed up situation or a mistake made. So, if someone says “There was a SNAFU at work today,” it means something went wrong or didn’t go as planned.

While SNAFU might sound a bit funny or strange, it’s a word that carries a lot of meaning. It provides a quick, easy way to communicate that things have gone off the rails without getting into the nitty-gritty details. So, next time you hear someone mention a SNAFU, you’ll know exactly what they’re talking about.

Example for using ‘SNAFU’ in a conversation

Hey, I heard you had a big presentation today. How did it go? 😊

Oh, it was a total SNAFU! My computer froze right in the middle of it! 🤦‍♂️

Oh no! That’s not good. Did you manage to fix it? 😮

Luckily, I had my slides printed out. So, I just carried on without the fancy visuals. It was a bit awkward though. 😅