Snake Draft

What does Snake Draft mean in fantasy football?

A draft where the person who picks last in one round gets to pick first in the next round

When you hear the phrase ‘Snake Draft’, you might think of a slithery serpent. But in the world of fantasy football, it’s a whole different ball game. A snake draft is a type of player selection process that flips the order of picks with each round.

The origin of the term is quite visual. The back-and-forth pattern of the draft order looks like the shape of a snake, or even a rollercoaster ride. This is why it’s called a snake draft.

To understand it better, let’s say your team had the last pick in the first round. In a snake draft, your team would then get the first pick in the second round. This pattern continues for all the rounds.

It’s also useful to know how a snake draft is different from other types of drafts. For example, in a linear draft, which is the kind used in the NFL, each team gets the same spot in every round. But in a snake draft, the order is always changing, making the game more unpredictable and exciting.

Example for using ‘Snake Draft’ in a conversation

Hey, are you joining our fantasy football league this year?

Definitely! I’m excited to participate.

Great! Just so you know, we’ll be doing a snake draft.

What’s a snake draft?

It’s a draft where the last pick in one round is the first pick in the next.

Oh, I get it! So, it’s like a rollercoaster draft order.

Exactly! It adds some strategy to the draft. It’s different from the NFL draft where teams always pick in the same spot each round.

That sounds fun! Can’t wait for the draft day!