Snapback Culture

What does Snapback Culture mean?

Expectation for new moms to quickly return to their bodies before pregnancy

Snapback culture is a trend that expects a mother to return to her pre-pregnancy figure soon after childbirth. This idea is largely driven by social media platforms, primarily Instagram, where influencers showcase their post-birth bodies.

These influencers, including popular celebrities, usually post photos or videos of themselves in form-fitting attire, such as swimsuits or tank tops, to inspire other new moms to regain their pre-pregnancy bodies. This practice has birthed what is now known as snapback culture.

However, the snapback culture is viewed by many as negative for newly become mothers, as it creates unrealistic expectations. Critics argue that it is unfair to judge a woman based on her physical appearance, especially after such a significant event as childbirth.

Furthermore, they stress that it is unreasonable to expect every woman’s body to respond the same way to pregnancy. Yet, some defend this practice, stating that sharing their body’s quick recovery is merely a show of pride and not intended to pressure others.

Example for using ‘Snapback Culture’ in a conversation

Hey, have you heard of snapback culture?

Yeah, it’s the pressure on new moms to get back their pre-pregnancy bodies, right? 🤰🏻

Exactly! It’s this whole expectation that moms should snap back right after giving birth. 😔

That’s so unfair! Bodies change during pregnancy, and everyone’s journey is different. It shouldn’t be a competition. 🙅🏻‍♀️