What does Sneakerhead mean?

A person who collects a lot of sneakers

A sneakerhead is someone who has a large collection of sneakers, but rather than wearing them, they are more interested in collecting them. This term bears a resemblance to the term ‘gearhead’, which is used to describe someone who is well-versed in mechanical objects, such as cars or computers.

Being a sneakerhead can be a costly hobby as many sneakers come with a hefty price tag, sometimes in the hundreds of dollars. Yet, it can also turn out to be a profitable venture, as some rare sneakers can be resold for thousands of dollars.

Sneakerheads are not just collectors, they are also experts in sneaker history. They gain this knowledge through extensive research before making their sneaker purchases. Thus, being a sneakerhead is not just about owning multiple pairs, but also about being knowledgeable about their history.

Example for using ‘Sneakerhead’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see those new Jordans that just dropped?

Of course! I’m a total sneakerhead, I’ve been waiting for them!

Nice! Are you planning to cop a pair?

Absolutely! Gotta add them to my collection.