What does SNG mean in Poker?

Sit ‘n go

SNG is a casual way of describing the way some people play poker. It’s a lot like a pick-up game in sports, where the game only kicks off when enough players have gathered.

It’s an informal style of playing, not bound by strict schedules or pre-determined player lists. The game starts when there’s a good number of players at the table, making it flexible and spontaneous.

Just like in pick-up sports games, the main focus in an SNG poker game is to have fun and enjoy the game with whoever happens to be around and ready to play.

So, if you’re ever invited to an SNG, now you know it’s a relaxed poker game waiting for enough players to join.

Example for using ‘SNG’ in a conversation

Hey, want to play some poker tonight?

Sure, what kind of game?

Let’s do an SNG.

What’s that?

It’s like a pick-up game. We start when we have enough players.