What does Snirt mean?

Snow that’s turned dirty

Ever wondered about that grimy snow you see on roads and sidewalks? That’s what we call Snirt. It’s a mix of snow and dirt, often seen in places like parking lots, city streets, and even your garage.

Snirt is not just unsightly, it also has a knack for making everything else around it dirty. It’s a nuisance that most people can’t wait to get rid of.

The usual suspects for creating snirt are snowplows. As they clear the snow off the roads, they also scrape up dirt, mixing it with the snow. This results in the mucky mess we know as snirt.

But, it’s not just snowplows that are to blame. Warm weather can also be a culprit. When the snow melts, it combines with the dirt underneath, especially during a bout of warm weather after a snowfall. This is often the reason you’ll find snirt in your garage or see it during the spring season.

Example for using ‘Snirt’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see the snirt outside?

Yeah, it’s everywhere! It’s so gross.

I know, it’s like a mix of dirt and snow.

Exactly! It’s all over the sidewalks and parking lots.