What does Snowmageddon mean?

A severe snowstorm

Snowmageddon is a slang term referring to an extreme weather event where there’s a huge amount of snow. It gives the impression that it’s the end of the world due to the heavy snow, hence the addition of “armageddon” to “snow.” For instance, if a snowstorm is about to deliver 2 feet of snow, people might warn you, “Brace yourself for snowmageddon!”

This term has gained popularity on social media, where exaggeration is common. You’re likely to spot ‘snowmageddon’ online as people express their anxiety over an approaching storm. However, what constitutes a ‘snowmageddon’ can vary greatly depending on individual experiences with snow. For example, a foot of snow is a typical occurrence for someone from Alaska, while for someone from Florida, it’s not.

While snowmageddon can be used to describe a serious situation, it can also be used in a more sarcastic tone. For instance, if a predicted snowstorm doesn’t meet the forecast’s dire predictions, someone might joke, “Wow, those 4 inches from snowmageddon really brought the world to its knees.”

Example for using ‘Snowmageddon’ in a conversation

Can you believe the forecast? They’re calling for a Snowmageddon tomorrow! 🌨️❄️

Oh no! How much snow are they expecting?

They’re saying we could get up to 2 feet! Stay off the roads for snowmageddon! ❄️⛔️

Wow, that’s a lot of snow! I hope it doesn’t cause too much trouble.