What does Snowman mean in Golf?

A ‘Snowman’ is a slang term for a golf score of 8

Ever heard of the term ‘Snowman’ in the context of golf? It’s not about building a frosty friend on the course. Rather, it’s a score that no golfer wants to see on their card. The term ‘Snowman’ is used to denote a score of 8 on a single golf hole.

So, why is it called a ‘Snowman’? Pretty simple. The shape of the number 8 is similar to a snowman, hence the name. But unlike the joy of making a real snowman, getting a ‘Snowman’ score in golf is far from fun. It’s considered a terrible score as most holes are designed with a par of just 3 or 4.

There are quite a few ways a golfer might end up with a ‘Snowman’. It could be a result of a poor drive off the tee that veers off the course. Getting stuck in a sand trap can also contribute to this unfortunate score. Hitting into the water is another common way to rack up strokes. And of course, a poor putting game can easily turn a decent score into a ‘snowman’.

So, next time you’re out on the greens, make sure to avoid building any ‘Snowmen’. Remember, in golf, it’s the lower scores that win the game!

Example for using ‘Snowman’ in a conversation

Hey, how was your golf game today? ⛳️

It was rough, I got a snowman on the 7th hole. ☃️

Oh no! That’s not good. What happened? ❄️

Well, my drive went way off course, then I got stuck in a sand trap, and my putting was terrible. It was a disaster! ⛳️😫