Snowplow Parent

What does Snowplow Parent mean?

A parent who gets rid of hurdles for their child

A Snowplow Parent is one who clears all hurdles from their child’s path, in an effort to spare them from any difficulties or hardships. This term draws a parallel to a snowplow that clears the roads of snow to make way for vehicles. While this parenting style may be well-intentioned, it often receives negative feedback as it potentially hinders the child’s ability to learn from mistakes and deal with challenges.

For instance, a stay-at-home mom might take on the responsibility of preparing all meals for her son and tidying up his surroundings, instead of encouraging him to share in these tasks. This approach may deprive the child of acquiring essential life skills. Similarly, a father might pressurize his son’s football coach to place him in the first team, rather than motivating the child to prove his worth and secure his place.

This term is often found in online parenting discussions and forums. It is generally used to criticize parents who adopt this method of parenting. It is important to note that the term Snowplow Parent is usually used in a negative light, indicating disapproval of parents who tend to remove all challenges and obstacles from their children’s lives.

Example for using ‘Snowplow Parent’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see that article about snowplow parents?

Yeah, I did! It’s crazy how some parents go to such extremes to remove obstacles for their kids.

I know, right? It’s like they’re trying to pave the way for their kids without letting them face any challenges.

Exactly! But I think it can be harmful in the long run. Kids need to learn how to overcome obstacles on their own.