What does SOD mean in Android usage?

Sleep of death

SoD is a term commonly used by Android phone owners, it stands for “sleep of death”. This frustrating issue happens when an Android device refuses to wake up from its sleep state, regardless of the user’s actions. This problem can have various causes, though it’s most commonly seen when the device loses its wireless internet connection while in sleep mode.

When a device is affected by the SoD, pressing the home or power button won’t wake it up. Instead, the screen remains black and the device seems unresponsive. Despite numerous attempts by users to find solutions to the SoD, such as using apps that automatically wake up the device or adjusting the device’s wireless settings, this issue still pops up every now and then.

Example for using ‘SOD’ in a conversation

Hey, my phone is acting weird. It won’t wake up from sleep!

Oh no, sounds like you’re dealing with the SOD issue.

SOD? What’s that?

It stands for “Sleep of death.” It’s when an Android phone gets stuck in sleep mode and won’t wake up.