Soft Life

What does Soft Life mean?

Living style that focuses on happiness and lessens tension

Soft life is all about focusing on things that bring you happiness rather than just chasing money. It’s become a popular way of living among Gen Zers, and you’ll often see it talked about on apps like TikTok.

Everyone’s soft life looks different. Some people might spend their time and money on big trips and fancy things. But for others, a soft life could just mean taking care of themselves. That could be seeing a therapist regularly or choosing to relax on the weekend instead of doing extra work.

The phrase soft life first started being used by women influencers from Nigeria. They wanted a lifestyle that was less about non-stop work and more about joy. This idea then got picked up on social media and became a trend in the early 2020s, especially among Gen Zers on TikTok.

Example for using ‘Soft Life’ in a conversation

Hey, how’s it going?

Hey! I’m living that soft life, just chilling and enjoying my day off. 😎

That sounds amazing! What are you up to?

I’m treating myself to a spa day and then going for a hike later. Gotta prioritize that self-care, you know? 🌿