Soft Yes

What does Soft Yes mean?

An agreement that isn’t enthusiastic, known as a ‘Soft Yes’

A soft yes is like saying “yes” but with some conditions, it’s almost like a “maybe.” People usually give a soft yes when they’re not able to fully commit to something at that moment. This means there’s a good chance they might change their mind later.

Often, you’ll hear a soft yes when you’re trying to plan an event or get-together. The person might need to check their schedule or arrange other things before they can give a definitive yes. For instance, your buddy John might give you a soft yes about grabbing a pizza later because he needs to confirm if he has any other plans.

On the flip side, a soft yes is the opposite of a “hard no.” When someone is certain they won’t be able to do something, they can give a hard no or a hard pass. It’s like saying no without any room for doubt or change.

Example for using ‘Soft Yes’ in a conversation

Hey, are you free for lunch tomorrow?

Hmm, I think so. Let me check my schedule first. Can I give you a soft yes for now?

Sure, no problem. Just let me know by tonight if you can make it.

Will do! I’ll confirm with you later. πŸ‘