What does Sok mean?

It’s OK

Sok is a trendy abbreviation often used in online and text conversations. It is a condensed version of the expression “it’s OK”. As for its roots, it’s uncertain, but it’s clear that it’s a fusion of “s” from “it’s” and “OK”.

This term is frequently used to indicate understanding or acceptance of a situation. Let’s say your buddy, Sam, apologizes for abruptly ending the call due to an urgent work issue. A typical reply would be, “sok. had to make coffee. catch up later?”

Though this slang might be clear to those who commonly use text slang, such as teens and young adults, it may not be understood by older generations. Hence, avoid confusion by typing out the full phrase when communicating with the older crowd.

Example for using ‘Sok’ in a conversation

Hey! I’m sorry I couldn’t make it to the party last night.

sok! I understand. It was a last-minute thing anyway. 😊

Thanks for being cool about it! Let’s catch up soon. 🍻

Definitely! Let’s plan something for next week. I’ll text you. πŸ‘