What does SOMSW stand for?

Someone over my shoulder watching

When you spot ‘SOMSW’, it’s a covert hint that someone is keeping a close eye on the conversation. It’s often a parent peering over the shoulder, but it could be anyone who might spill your secrets.

This is a sneaky way of letting the person on the other side know that they should tread carefully with what they say. It’s like a silent alarm to protect your private discussions.

So, if you come across ‘SOMSW’, be aware! It means you’re not alone and your words are being monitored. Stay on the safe side and guard your secrets well.

Example for using ‘SOMSW’ in a conversation

Hey, guess what? I just found a secret stash of cookies in the kitchen! πŸͺ

SOMSW! Be careful, someone might be watching! πŸ™ˆ

Oh no! Thanks for the heads up! 😱

No problem, always here to help! Enjoy the cookies! 🀀