What does SOOF stand for?

Swear on our friendship

When you come across the acronym SOOF, it’s typically being used when someone is asking for total honesty. It’s a way of saying, “I want the truth, no matter what.”

It’s often thrown around when a person isn’t quite buying what their friend is saying. They might think their friend is exaggerating or not telling the complete truth. So, they’ll use SOOF to stress that they want the real deal, not some made up version of events.

Keep in mind, SOOF is not just a casual term. It’s more of a serious request for honesty. So, if you see it, know that the person using it really wants the truth.

Example for using ‘SOOF’ in a conversation

Hey, did you really eat the last slice of pizza?

SOOF, I swear I didn’t!

Okay, I’ll believe you this time. πŸ˜…

Thanks, dude! I wouldn’t lie about pizza, you know me!