What does SOOI stand for?

Stay out of it

When you see ‘SOOI’ in a text or online, you might wonder what it means. SOOI is an acronym for “Stay out of it”.

It’s a handy way of telling someone not to stick their nose in a conflict that doesn’t concern them. This might be a familiar sight if you’re the type who likes to voice your views in the middle of others’ arguments.

When you see SOOI, it’s usually a good idea to take the advice unless you want to end up in the middle of a verbal battle. Examples where you might need to stay out of it could include disagreements between relatives or partners.

Example for using ‘SOOI’ in a conversation

Hey, did you hear about the fight between Tom and Lisa?

Yeah, I did. But SOOI! It’s not our business.

I know, but I just wanted to share my opinion.

Trust me, it’s better to stay out of it. It can get messy.