What does Sorta mean?

Sorta means Sort of

‘Sorta’ is a casual, faster way to say ‘sort of’. When talking fast or typing quickly, people often use ‘sorta’ to express that something is similar to something else, but not exactly the same. For instance, you might say a new song is ‘sorta’ like an old hit, or a vegan burger tastes ‘sorta’ like a beef one.

It’s commonly used in spoken language when people are speaking quickly or in a relaxed way. But, it’s also used often in written language, like in texts or emails. It’s similar to ‘kinda’, which is an abbreviation for ‘kind of’.

Besides expressing similarity, ‘sorta’ can be used to show that you somewhat agree with something or partially like it. For example, if you ‘sorta’ like basketball, it might mean you enjoy watching the games, but find them to be too long.

Example for using ‘Sorta’ in a conversation

Hey, did you watch that new superhero movie?

Yeah, sorta. I caught a few scenes, but not the whole thing.