What does Spammer mean in Gaming?

Someone who doesn’t let go of the trigger button constantly

In the world of gaming, the term ‘Spammer’ is often used to describe a player who constantly fires bullets by holding down the trigger button.

A spammer is generally seen as a player who lacks skill in the game. Instead of strategically and precisely aiming their shots, they choose to rely on chance to eliminate their opponents.

Their primary strategy is to create a continuous stream of fire with the hope to hit other players by luck. This approach is often seen as less skillful and more of a hit-or-miss tactic.

So, if you ever hear someone being called a ‘Spammer’ during a game, now you know what it means. They’re not necessarily cheating, but they’re definitely not showcasing any remarkable gaming skills either.

Example for using ‘Spammer’ in a conversation

Hey, did you play the new game last night?

Yeah, I did! But there was this annoying spammer in my match.

Oh no, what did they do?

They just kept shooting non-stop without any accuracy or strategy.