What does Spammy mean?

Content that is full of spam is called ‘Spammy’

Spammy is a term used to describe content that is annoying, unsolicited, and generally unhelpful. This word is typically used when referring to a website or an app that is constantly overwhelming the user with adverts or unnecessary information.

These spammy sites are often the product of subpar design, and an online manager or developer who prioritizes profit over the experience of the user. The sites will be littered with intrusive ads and links, and will also contain content that can be duplicated across various web pages with the aim of boosting SEO rankings.

So, to put it plainly, if a site is making your browsing experience uncomfortable with unnecessary ads and copied content, it’s safe to say that the site is spammy.

Example for using ‘Spammy’ in a conversation

Hey, have you checked out that new website?

Yeah, I did. It’s so spammy! πŸ™„

I know, right? Pop-up ads everywhere!

And the content is just useless. Total waste of time.