What does Spk mean?


In the world of text and online communication, “spk” is a common term. It’s a short way of saying someone is talking. This could mean they’re actually talking out loud, or they might just be typing a message.

Spk is a convenient abbreviation, where we simply drop the two vowel letters. Another similar term is tlk, which also misses out the vowel.

You’ll often see spk used in group chats. For instance, one person might ask another to “spk up and share your thoughts.” It’s also handy for quick text messages. For example, you might text your bestie asking if she can spk to her dad about driving you both to the mall.

Example for using ‘Spk’ in a conversation

Hey! Can you spk up and tell me what time the party starts tonight? ğŸŽ‰

Sure! The party starts at 8 PM. 🕗

Great! Thanks for letting me know. 😊

No problem! See you there! ğŸŽŠ