What does Squishy mean in gaming?

Weak initial health or protection

In the world of video games, Squishy is a term used to describe a character or unit that doesn’t have a lot of health or defense. This means they can be easily defeated when they come under attack. Think of a light unit in a game like Starcraft II or a champion in League of Legends (LoL).

These Squishy characters are usually not at the forefront of the battle. In LoL, for instance, they tend to hang back, away from the heat of the fight, striking from a safe distance. As the game progresses, players can equip their champions with items to boost their life and make them less Squishy.

In Starcraft II, a Squishy unit might be capable of dealing out a lot of damage, but they’re also at risk of being taken out quickly. That’s why they’re often positioned behind the more heavily armored units. They might also need to be controlled more carefully to avoid unnecessary losses. So the term Squishy is used to talk about characters or units that are easily defeated but can be strategically used by the players.

Example for using ‘Squishy’ in a conversation

Hey, do you play League of Legends?

Yeah, I love that game! What’s up?

I just had a match where I played as a squishy champion.

Oh, really? Which champion did you choose?

I played as Lux, the mage. She deals a lot of damage, but she’s so squishy.

Ah, I see. So, you had to be careful not to get caught, right?

Exactly! I stayed back and used my abilities from a safe distance.

Makes sense. It’s important to protect squishy champions.