What does SRO mean in event discussions?

Standing room only

Ever heard of the term ‘SRO’? It’s a way to talk about events in a coded language. If you’ve been told an event is ‘SRO’, you should expect to be standing throughout the event. The phrase implies that there won’t be any seats available at the event.

You could find ‘SRO’ used in different forms of communication. It could be in a text message, an email, or a post in an online forum where someone is talking about an event.

The most common scenario of seeing ‘SRO’ would probably be in a message from a friend or colleague. Especially if they are going to the same event as you. When they say the event is ‘SRO’, they’re giving you a heads up that there won’t be any seating. So, you know what to expect!

Example for using ‘SRO’ in a conversation

Hey, are you going to the concert tonight?

Yes, I am! But it’s SRO, so no seats available.

Oh, I didn’t know that. Thanks for letting me know!

No problem! Just wanted to give you a heads-up. See you there!