What does Stacy mean?

A Stacy is a good-looking woman who is sexually active

Stacy is a term often found on forums associated with incels, a group of people who feel frustrated by their lack of sexual experiences. Stacy is a label these individuals use to represent women who are traditionally attractive and sexually active. These women are both desired and resented by incels.

Through the lens of an incel, a Stacy is more than just attractive. She’s also seen as popular, superficial, and somehow manages to be both ditsy and manipulative. Incels believe that these women are only interested in men who are extremely attractive, often referred to as Chads, and therefore would not consider an average man as a potential partner.

Incels frequently pit Stacys against a different archetype, the Becky. Beckys are perceived as average or below-average women who incels believe they might have a chance with, or in more severe cases, feel they are entitled to attention from. While the term Becky is sometimes used outside of incel circles to signify a generic or basic woman, the term Stacy is almost solely used within the incel community.

Example for using ‘Stacy’ in a conversation

Hey, did you hear about that new girl in school?

Yeah, she’s such a Stacy! All the guys are drooling over her.

I know, right? She’s got that charm and confidence.

Definitely. But some people think she’s too full of herself.