What does Stahp mean?

‘Stahp’ means ‘Stop’

‘Stahp’ is an overdone way of spelling “stop”, made to sound like someone is dramatically yelling “stooooop!” The “ah” in ‘stahp’ is there for added oomph. It can be used in serious situations, like when your buddies are being nasty to each other. It can also be used in lighthearted situations, like when you’re reacting to a celebrity interview about being real.

You’ll mostly see ‘stahp’ being used in texts and on the internet, like in direct messages on social media. For instance, your pals might be spamming you with memes making fun of your good-looking brother. You might respond with something like, “stahp!! u r terrible!”

Example for using ‘Stahp’ in a conversation

Ugh, I can’t believe I failed my math test again 😞

Stahp! You’re always so hard on yourself. It’s just one test.

I know, but my parents are going to be so disappointed…

They’ll understand. Don’t let this bring you down. You’re capable of so much more!