Stay Woke

What does Stay Woke mean?

Keep your eyes open to societal issues

Stay Woke is a phrase that pushes people to remain alert to social injustices, particularly those concerning race. It acts as a consistent reminder to keep these issues at the forefront of public attention.

Generally linked to liberal political ideologies, it acknowledges the oppression faced by marginalized communities, including those identifying as BIPOC and LGBTQ. People who identify as liberal often regard themselves as ‘woke’ for openly discussing these matters, while some conservatives view these discussions as excessively politically correct.

Typically, the term Stay Woke is used to motivate those who are not victims of discrimination to remain conscious of these issues, rather than ignoring them, and to become part of the solution. Movements like BLM often use this term to highlight racial injustices through protests and demonstrations.

Example for using ‘Stay Woke’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see the news about the protests happening downtown?

Yeah, I saw. It’s important to stay woke and support the cause, don’t you think?

Definitely! We can’t ignore the social injustices happening around us.

That’s right. Let’s stay woke and stand up against discrimination together!