What does STMS stand for?

Sick to my stomach

If you see someone using the term STMS, it usually means they’re feeling unwell. This slang is often used to express the feeling of being “sick to my stomach.” It could be used in situations where someone is physically ill, experiences nausea, or stomach discomfort.

For instance, if your friend John mentions, “I’m STMS, thinking of leaving early today,” it’s clear that he’s not feeling well physically. This could mean he’s got a stomach bug or ate something that didn’t agree with him.

On the other hand, this term can also describe a kind of emotional distress. Like when someone is upset due to something they’ve seen or heard. If your aunt says “what your cousin said made me STMS,” she’s probably expressing her shock or disappointment at your cousin’s actions, rather than a physical ailment.

So, STMS is a versatile term used to convey either physical sickness or emotional upset. It’s a quick way to express one’s discomfort or unease in certain situations.

Example for using ‘STMS’ in a conversation

I just saw that movie you recommended. πŸŽ₯

Oh, really? How did you like it? 😊

Honestly, it made me STMS! πŸ˜–

Oh no, why? What happened? πŸ€”