What does Stoked mean?

Pumped up

When someone says they are ‘stoked’, it simply means they’re thrilled or super excited about something. This might be an upcoming concert, the launch of a new movie, or even a flawless wave set for surfing.

Although the word is popular among extreme sports enthusiasts like snowboarders, skateboarders, and surfers, it’s not exclusive to them. Anyone can use it to express high levels of excitement.

For instance, if you’re really looking forward to a meet-up with your crush, your buddies might say, “Wow, you seem pretty stoked for this date!” Similarly, if you’re hosting a Super Bowl party, you might post a mouth-watering picture of the food and caption it, “Totally stoked for the big game. It’s gonna be epic!”

The origin of ‘stoked’ as a slang term takes us back to the 1950s surf culture in California. The term is derived from the literal meaning of “stoking” – fuelling a fire or furnace. But in this case, it’s used metaphorically to refer to fuelling excitement or energy in a person.

Example for using ‘Stoked’ in a conversation

Friend: Hey, guess what? I just got two tickets to the concert tomorrow night!

Me: No way! That’s awesome! I’m so stoked! Who’s performing?

Friend: It’s our favorite band! They’re playing all their hit songs.

Me: I can’t believe it! I’ve been waiting for this concert for months. I’m beyond stoked!