What does Str8 mean?

Str8 means Straight

Str8 is a popular slang that’s primarily used in online chats and text messages. Usually, it’s an abbreviation for the word “straight”. It’s used in different contexts, including when someone is speaking directly, when something is moving in a straight line, or to describe someone’s heterosexual orientation.

Though the exact origins of this abbreviation are unclear, its usage picked up around the early 2000s. This was a time when internet lingo and text messaging really started to take off. Str8 is part of a larger group of abbreviations that playfully use the number 8 to replace “eight,” “aight,” “ate,” and “ait”. You’ll often see this in words like d8 (date), h8r (hater), w8n (waiting), and l8 (late).

This abbreviation is typically used by those who are comfortable with internet language. It’s often used to ask about someone’s sexual orientation (“r u str8”) or to confirm the status between two individuals (“r we str8?”). However, the usage isn’t restricted to these situations alone. For extra emphasis on the word “straight”, you can use dstr8.

Example for using ‘Str8’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see that video of the skateboarder doing tricks?

Yeah, that was crazy! He went str8 through the park without stopping!

I know, right? He’s got some serious skills!

Totally! I wish I could skate like that. Are you str8 coming to the skate park tomorrow?