What does Stream mean in fantasy sports?

Switching players in and out of the team

In fantasy sports, the term ‘Stream’ is a game plan that involves the constant switching of players in a lineup. This tactic is mainly used to capitalize on players who are poised to perform well due to favorable matchups. It’s a clever way to maximize scoring potential.

While the usual practice among many fantasy sports enthusiasts is to stick with high-profile, top-performing players, the stream strategy differs. This plan places more focus on the players’ matchups against their opponents rather than their inherent talent or popularity.

This approach can be a game-changer, helping to tip the scales in favor of those who implement it effectively. The ‘Stream’ strategy requires a keen understanding of player potential and the ability to predict performance based on matchups. It’s not just about big names and talents, but also about making smart moves at the right time.

Example for using ‘Stream’ in a conversation

Hey, my fantasy football team is struggling. Do you have any advice?

Yeah, have you tried streaming players?

Streaming? What’s that?

It’s a strategy where you rotate players in and out of your lineup based on favorable matchups.